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Rick Hulbert – Spaces, Edges, and Light

June 15, 2020

As a former Architect and Urban Designer of International acclaim, Rick Hulbert has found his perfect retirement vocation . . .

Over the past few years he has emerged as an internationally recognized Photography Educator.

Rick currently teaches Photography Courses at Simon Fraser University in BC, and leads multi-day photo-workshops throughout Europe and North America.

Rick is a "Life Member" of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and a “Fellow" of The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Notably, he was one of only two photographers in North America invited to participate in the 2015 World Art Games held in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Rick‘s photography is informed from his background as a professional Architect and Urban Designer.

In his classes and workshops, he draws upon knowledge of both the History of the 2-Dimensional Arts of Drawing and Painting along with the Science of Human Vision and perception.

In this episode:

-The relationship / intersection of Architecture and Photography,

-How being more aware of your surroundings can help you capture the perfect moment,

-How to enhance the illusion of depth and better represent the 3D world in your 2D photos,

-What does neuroscience say about how we view images?

-Why teaching something is the best way to learn,

-How big urban design projects go from the drawing board to the real world,

-What it’s like to experience a community that you helped design,

-Current and future trends in Urban Design,

-And the one most important skill that can help you succeed in any field.



Rick Hulbert Photography

Rick Hulbert Photography – Testimonials

Article on Perceptual Learning (the story that I massacred in this episode about depth perception)

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